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This is The Benefits of Milk for Health

1. Increase Bone Strength

Milk is an important source of calcium for bone development and growth. Calcium plays a role in maintaining bone strength and increasing bone density. Consumption of milk every day can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.
Calcium in milk and other dairy products is more readily absorbed than the calcium contained in different types of vegetables. In addition to calcium, milk also contains phosphorus, magnesium, and proteins that also play a role in the process of bone development.

2. Maintain Dental Health

Calcium and phosphorus in milk can help keep your teeth healthy. Casein is one type of protein contained in milk, which serves to protect and form a protective layer above the enamel, which can prevent the damage and formation of plaque on the teeth.
A little bit of iodine found in milk can also help strengthen your teeth and make it free of germs. Phosphorus …