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Loose Leaf Tea-What Is It All About? Loose leaf tea is a very popular kind of tea. They usually sell this kind of tea in tea stores. Here are some of the interesting information about loose leaf tea: Loose leaf tea has been the known for a thousands of years. They used to brew tea this in a lose leaf form and in the early 1900’s an American merchant accidentally discovered that they can brew loose leaf in small bags. They used tea as currency in Asia. The quality of loose leaf tea will increase when it is in tea bags. Tea bags usually has fannings and dust, and these two are crushed and have already lost some of their essential oils. Tanninmore can make the taste of the tea more bitter and this can be released by tea bags. When you make a loose leaf tea it has more flavor and aroma, since the leaf will have more space and when this happens the leaf can fully bring out its oils and its taste.
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Some loose leaf tea is like a flower, since it blossoms when it is brewed. They call these type of teas the blooming teas. During the brewing process, they will wrap these leaves with dried flowers. You can actually see the brewing process, you just need to put the loose leaf tea in a clear container or in a glass.
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Some types of loose leaf teas are similar to wine since they also aged over time. Other kinds of tea is best consumed right after the brewing process, but there are some kinds of tea that can be aged for more than fifteen years. This is considered as post fermented tea. If the tea is aged over a period of time then its taste will change since it will be more exposed to oxygen and even to good bacteria. Loose leaf tea is only taken in a one plant family. This is also the same for tea bags, since it should be taken in the camellia sinensis plant family. There are six kinds of tea. These kinds of teas are based and categorized on where they were grown and how they were processed. Green tea, oolong, white, black, pu-erh and yellow are the kinds of tea. Herbal tea could provide different health benefits but it is not real tea. Today, there are different ways you can brew loose leaf tea. Today, people are using infusers to brew their loose leaf tea because they are now trendy since they come in different colors, shapes and designs. Some infusers are shaped like a flower or an animal and many more.