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Mindful Speaking

There are two components to communication. The speaker and the listener are the two components of communication. Mindful speaking and listening are important in communication. Below we shall be considering mindful speaking.

when we speak mindfully, we are focused on what we want to say and drop everything else we are doing. It is important that you look on the eye of the listener when you are speaking.

Make sure you clear your head of all assumptions.
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Do not start by making assumptions on what your listeners know or not know before speaking; it is better to verbally clarify instead of assuming. It is then easier to tailor your speech to what is relevant him. in the same manner, a listener should also make it a habit to verify and clarify any points he is unsure about. Unnecessary assumptions can lead to misunderstanding.
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You need to pass through the triple filter test before you speak.

Reflecting first before saying anything is very important in communication. The Triple Filter Test, attributed to Socrates, should be done first to reflect on what you want to say. The filter of truth comes fist. Are you telling the truth? If what you will say is not true, then you should not say it. Even if what you will say is true, you still need to filter it to the next level.

Goodness is the second filter. Goodness means that what you will say is good for the listener. If it would not benefit him or if it would harm him, then don’t say it. If the thing you will say is true and good, it still needs to pass the final test.

The third filter is appropriateness. For this test, we need to determine if it is the right time, place, and person to say what you have to say.

If your speech passes the triple filter test then this means that what you will say to the person is good without any hidden selfish motive.

You should be mindful of a few thing when speaking.

You have to be mindful of choosing the right words to say when sending the message you intend. The tone of your voice should be watched also. What type of tone do you have – friendly, warm or hostile? Is there any hint of criticism or judgment? Body language, gestures, and posture is something you should be mindful of too. Speaking in a friendly manner is very welcome to any listener, instead of speaking harsh words.

Just keep on practicing these steps and you will soon find yourself being consciously mindful of all the things mentioned above. Being mindful of the way we talk to others is important to have a strong relationships, transformed in a positive way.