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Basic Info When Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

While you are going through immigration process, it can be overwhelming when you sit down and start to prepare all immigration forms. It might also cross your mind that getting an immigration lawyer can be the best move in assisting you to manage the process.

Although you can go through the entire process of immigration without working with a lawyer, there are still lots of reasons why it is an advantage to you to get the services of such in handling your case. If there’s an obstacle that should be faced, it could be necessary to get legal assistance to work through the issue. If for example your immigration case is quite complex or if you don’t have much time in preparing for your immigration case, then you can benefit from the professional assistance of such legal professional.

But right before you decide to hire an immigration lawyer, it is extremely important that you do research first. While researching for one, listed below are quick tips that you should take into mind.

Get references – consider asking family or friends if they know any immigration lawyers. Even though they may have never been in this process personally, still they can help you to find someone who has gone through this process and knows a lawyer who could help you.

Short list your options – you will probably find lots of legal representatives who can help you out. Narrowing down your options and interview those who are left in your list is the best thing you can do. Take time to talk to these lawyers if they have any experience with this specific case you have. What you should know is that, the immigration law is a specialty and with that, it is important that you work with a lawyer who is well versed with the type of case you have.

Say that the lawyer you are planning to interview has given you with list of references of past clients, then take this to your advantage and contact them to have a better view of how the lawyer works and their style.

Compare the fee programs – there are some lawyers who charge clients by the hour and others who’ll just charge at flat rate. You may also want to make inquiries if there are additional costs such as long distance charges, postage, courier feed and so forth.

Check their credentials – as soon as you believed that you found the right legal professional and you are comfortable working with them, verifying the standing of your prospective lawyer and see if they’re licensed to practice their profession is the last thing you should do before you get into a contract.
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