Basic Information about New Drinkware Technologies

Ember Technologies was founded in 2012 by Clay Alexander, one of the leading serial entrepreneurs in the world. The company has in the recent past revolutionized the way the world drinks and eats by coming up with new technologies. Ember consists of a team of engineers that have previously worked for reputable technology companies like Amazon Labs, Microsoft, Nokia, Google, and Apple. The dishware and drinkware industry will continue to grow as a result of new inventions from Ember. For more information go to

Ember focuses on the temperature control technology and has experienced a wide range of engineering and innovative design. Coffee is normally served at an average temperature of 160°F, and this temperature can be very scalding. It is possible to select your preferred temperature on the ember temperature-controlling coffee mug. The mug enables you to maintain the set temperature by enabling rapid cooling of coffee or tea. Ember technologies has a generic URL for accessing its website.

Ember Review

It is possible to maintain the temperature of your favorite drink from the first sip to the last one using ember temperature control mug. The mug does not have any complicated instructions and buttons, and this makes it elegant and easy to use. Temperature adjustment is done by simply rotating the dial at the bottom. It is possible to use the ember mug through the app or on its own because it is a connected device. It is also important to point out that the mug is customizable.

You can choose notification preferences, create presents, name your mug, and change your temperature remotely when using the mug through the app. In addition, the mug as a 360˚ lid that is leak proof. The mug has a push-to-open kind of lid that is very convenient for the user. The charging coaster is attached to the mug to enable charging. Some of ember’s key features include a microprocessor-controlled heating system and a phase change cooling system. It is possible to use the charger coaster to maintain your selected temperature.

The Ember Design and Prototype

Ember Technologies contracted Ammunition Group to design a temperature cooling mug. The same company designed the Beats for DreBeats. The mug is similar to a conventional travel mug because it can fit in a water bottle cage, or a car beverage holder. The outer cover is made from soft-touch material that is normally used on smartphones. The mug has a wireless charging dock that is essential when it comes to charging up the ember mug. It is possible to connect the mug to the ember app using a phone. You can tap the mug’s logo to determine its heating status. You can always know the temperature that has been reached as a result of notifications from the app. You can enjoy up to two hour of heating when the mug is fully charged.

The ember mug is an invention that offers convenience and comfort to users. The mug has become famous across the world because of its amazing features. The mug is a critical part of your morning routine for most people.