Benefits of an Elliptical Versus a Treadmill

There are two machines in the gym that focus primarily on cardiovascular fitness and they both have benefits. Some people prefer the treadmill because they are familiar with it and it’s easy to use. The treadmill simulates running outdoors or on an indoor track. Unfortunately, it is similarly hard on the ankle, knee and hip joints. People who have damaged their joints from too much running or who are older and aren’t able to put a lot of pressure on their knees can get a similar workout on an elliptical machine.

Although an elliptical is a low-impact way to get a cardiovascular workout, that isn’t the only benefit these fitness machines offer. In fact, many people who don’t have joint problems use them because they offer a superior workout. Unlike treadmills, ellipticals have handlebars that can be moved while a person walks, jogs or runs on the machine. This allows them to tone their arms a the same time they work their legs.

Even though using an elliptical isn’t the same as running, doing so can make a person a stronger and faster runner. To improve running speed, it’s important to adjust the resistance on the elliptical to make it harder to push the pedals down. This can make a person’s legs stronger, which can help them when they run. Spending half of the workout time on the elliptical and the other half on the treadmill can help a person track their progress and reach their goals faster.

Some people prefer to work out at home rather than at a crowded fitness center. Before purchasing an elliptical or treadmill to use at home, it’s essential to read reviews and purchase the best equipment possible. Sites like offer tips and advice for choosing the ideal equipment. The best machines simulate the walking motion for both arms and legs and have several resistance settings to allow people to adjust the machine to get a better workout each time they use it. Home fitness equipment is very popular so there are plenty of reviews online, written by both professionals and by regular people who want to share their experience with others.