Children’s Reasons to Eat More Poor Than Food

It is a common thing, that children who like snack are a natural thing. However, this habit should be controlled by the parents as one form of attention to health. snacks school children love tend to be a snack, sweet or savory. Parents should know what snacks are often chosen by the children. Often snacks bought by children contain food additives, such as flavor enhancers, food coloring, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Food additives will certainly bring unhealthy effects for the body of children. This effect can be directly or long-term impact on health, such as triggering cough, shortness of breath, hives, or indigestion. It needs to be implanted to the child that the snack is okay but should be limited, and not a habit. A child who likes snack is caused by several things, among others:

  1. Bored with the food menu that is served at home

A child who can already eat usually has a taste of food that he likes or a favorite. When at home, a child only then gets the same food menu or almost similar every day, then it could be the child will experience boredom. Parents should be able to provide a variety of food menu to increase the child’s appetite. Variations in the food menu, in this case, can be related to the cooked ingredients as well as the way of processing. For example, soy foods, other than just regular fry, can be processed into nuggets, fried chicken, and others.

  1. The way of serving food is less interesting and monotonous

The way food is served will also affect a child’s appetite. The snack that children meet outside the home, usually presented in various shapes, colors, and flavors, so that children become more easily interested to try the food he just saw. A child will usually be easily tempted by the appearance of food, can be due to the shape and color. A mother should be more creative in serving the processed foods so that children are interested to try and be fond of eating at home. For example, make bento rice with a unique shape for the child.

  1. At home snacks are not available, there is only main food

Snacks are of course well liked by everyone except a child. A snack is a meal that is given as a transition by eating a staple. Without eating a snack, a child will usually get bored easily with what he eats. Parents are important to choose or buy healthy snacks for their children, and if necessary a mother can make her own snack for her child. Besides being healthier it must be cleaner because know exactly the ingredients used in the manufacture.

  1. Mimics the lifestyle of parents

The child is an excellent imitator, the one he sees from parents. If parents have a habit of snacking, then this can be “contagious” to her child.

Indeed, teaching this will be quite difficult to do. However, when parents are patient and patient and apply these habits continuously, the child will be obedient and can avoid the habit of snack carelessly. I hope this information is helpful.