Kitchen Gadgets Using Science to Solve Our First-World Problems

Living in the 21st Century has its perks, especially with the benefits we have enjoyed since the rise of modern science and technology. Instead of waiting weeks to hear from a correspondence half-way around the world, we can now video-chat with them in real time. Instead of heating our homes with literal fire, we now use electricity to keep our homes at a comfortable level. Beyond the major advancements we have experienced in the last century, there have also been a few minor ones we didn’t even think were possible until now. The gadgets spotlighted below may not cure cancer in this decade, but they do offer us convenience and comfort against the small annoyances we experience throughout the day.




This handy device allows users to insert the wand into any meal they are preparing, from soup to stir fry, and it suggests how much salt, pepper, or herb to add to the dish. Using mass spectrometry to “taste” the ingredients already in the meal, it then pulls info from pre-programmed data to alert cooks what their dish is missing or what would enhance the flavor. It also displays the exact measurements needed for the additional ingredients so the user isn’t left guessing what or how much to include. The Ingressure is useful for any beginner and expert chef.


Ember Mug


Anybody who has taken a swig of a scalding hot cup of tea or knows the bitter taste of a cold cup of coffee understands just how frustrating regular travel mugs can be. This self-heating coffee cup uses temperature-controlled patented technology to deliver the perfect sip of any hot drink from the beginning to the end. The Ember mug adjusts the drink’s temperature to the user’s desire by absorbing heat from the hot liquid and slowly releasing it back into the drink when it cools below the threshold. Battery power also helps keep the beverage warm, and both work together to give users hours of pure drinking delight.




We all know multi-tasking in the kitchen takes intense talent, but Easystir reduces the stress by taking care of one of the elements for you. Using magnetics, this device works with induction based stoves to help stir a variety of pot-cooked meals while the cook is tending to other activities. It comes with several attachments to fit any pot and includes three stirring speeds depending on the need. This gadget not only helps prevent burned meals, but can also be useful for those who can’t always reach the top of the pot to stir effectively, like users in wheelchairs.




For people who never know when to flip their meat or when their meal is cooked enough, Pantelligent is an essential kitchen gadget. This pan includes a temperature sensor inside of the pan which measures the temperature of the precise location of where the food and the pan touch, then uses an algorithm to calculate the food’s doneness. Users can follow directions and track the temperature using the associated app on their smartphones, and it will even tell them when to adjust the heat to keep the cooking at an even level.


Although there is much room to grow in terms of what technology can accomplish for us, for now the above-mentioned gadgets will alleviate a few of our kitchen grievances. The combination of science and technology working together in these devices sparks hope, wonderment, and excitement for the many more problems we may solve in the future.