Planning for a Spring Get Together

Now that the sun is coming back out from the cold winter months and warming up our spring days, we can start thinking of what to do with all the beautiful weather. There’s hiking through the hills, camping in the mountains, watching the flowers bloom into amazing colors; really too many things to list but without a doubt one of the best things about transitioning from winter to spring is the ability to throw an outdoor party again! No more hot beverages huddling around the fire. Now it’s time for some drinks with ice in them, hot dogs from the grill, and yard games for the kids. It’s time for spring get togethers!

Make a Plan and Menu

Before you start calling friends and inviting them over, you’ll want to plan a rough idea of how many guests to expect and what you want to serve. This will allow you to plan what to buy, if you need to borrow or rent anything, etc. Basically, it’s just to help everything go off without any problems. For yourself, go to ULTA the day before and get everything done so that you feel confident that you’ll be looking your best when everyone arrives.


Ask Guests to Chip In

Hosting a party is hard enough, supplying everything makes it exponentially harder. Once you know what is on the menu and roughly how many people are coming you can ask different guests or groups to help bring something. This will make your life easier and save you a lot of money on food, snacks, and refreshments.


Be Prepared to Move Inside

Although the forecast may look promising, we all know how fast the weather can change at this time of year. Plan to have an amazing time outside but also have a backup plan just incase there happens to be a little rain. If the forecast looks daunting, consider rescheduling for another weekend.


Have Plenty of Everything

It’s always a shame when you run out of something or you forget an essential part of the party. Make sure to buy plenty of food and have some yard games available in case people start to get antsy. It’s never a bad time playing bocce ball on a nice spring day!