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Vegans – Diets and Lifestyles Many people find it hard to differentiate between a vegan and a vegetarian. This stems from the fact that most people use the words in the same context. The difference between the two words is however clear. A vegetarian’s diet does not contain meat. A vegan on the other hand is a person who does not eat meat and any other animal product. A diet for vegans would naturally then not have milk and eggs. The fact that all nutrients found in animal products can also be found in animal products means vegans also lead healthy lifestyles. For vegans however it is not easy to ensure that all nutrients are factored in their diets because one must have knowledge of the food types. They must also eat the correct combination of such foods in order to have carbohydrates; proteins and vitamins within their diets. So, how does a typical vegan diet look like? There are many recipes that suit vegans and vegetarians in different parts of the world. Availability of certain food types guides about which vegan diets are found in specific countries. Let us investigate what a typical vegan diet should have. It is clear that beans are among the most readily available cereals in the world. A recipe of three-bean chili with spring pesto would then be good for vegans the world over.
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The simple ingredients for a three-bean chili meal would have beans, carrots, peas, parsley and leafy spices. The method of cooking includes simple boiling of the beans and peas. The cooked beans, peas and other ingredients can then be mixed gently. The combined foods are then cooked in low heat for about three minutes. The food should be served in one plate without any other accompaniments.
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An Asian hot pot dish is yet another vegan diet that is balanced. You would require ingredients such as rice noodles, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, leafy vegetables and chili sauce in order to prepare this dish. You should first cook rice noodles separately. Mushrooms and the rest of the ingredients are fried separately to form the stew. While rice noodles are boiled, the other stewed dish is fried. For vegans who may not afford very expensive ingredients, black beans and rice forms one of the most basic vegan dishes. In most cases, rice and beans are cheap and readily available. One requires black beans, vegetable broth, rice, tomatoes, onions, garlic and pepper to prepare this meal. The steps to be followed in preparing this dish are quite simple and easy to follow. The rice is first boiled or simmered separately before beans and other ingredients are also cooked separately to provide the stew. The food is then served as per the wishes of the consumer which involves having them on one plate or having the rice and stew separated in two different plates. There is no vegan meal that cannot be prepared in such a manner that it is well balanced.