What Do You Know About Hoses

Different Hoses You Can Get in the Market

Hoses can be found in different fields from the residential to commercial areas. One of the primary uses of hose is for transferring different liquid or gas from one place to another. All of these hoses are flexible even though they come in different designs especially the rubber. The different styles of hoses are developed to address the various needs of consumers.

Universal Hose

Garden hose is one of the most popular hose available in the market and households. There are three things which are commonly connected to the universal hose and these are the sprayer, sprinkler as well as spigot. This garden hose is often stored while rolled or bent. At the end, it will become straight once the gas or liquid is allowed to pass through the hose.
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There are many universal hoses available in the market from the supermarket to the local hardware store. Some of the designs are kink free while others have puncture and you can choose any length you want.
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Soaker Hoses

Liquid seeps out of the soaker hose slowly and not flow out of it. This is commonly use in the garden which is designed to minimize water waste. Gardeners often place the tubing under the mulch or on top of the ground to prevent evaporation of water when used.

Air Tube

Air hose is used for gas and applicable to different fields. You can see air tubes being used for all kinds of purposes including underwater diving and power tools. It is also used to inflate stuffs like tires by supplying low-pressure gas in the demand valve. If you are using 4400 psi gas, air hose is still capable of handling it. The other end of the air tube is the pressure gauge.

Braking System

Brake fluid is delivered to the braking system using a hose. Aside from that, some applications are also using alternative hose for the braking system. Vehicles like the semi-trailers and those in the railways are known to use air tubing. Railway systems in some parts of the world are still using vacuum brake lines.

Air Duct System

Air ducts are commonly found in large buildings. Air duct tube is responsible for circulating air in ideal temperature inside the facility.

Food Grade

Cleaning and other services in the food industry requires food grade hose and no other type of hose. Only this type of hose is allowed by the food authorities particularly for water and various drinks.

All industries are using various types of hoses made from different materials. One important aspect in choosing the hose is looking for the best hose to use for your task. You want to determine which size and length is perfect for your needs of a hose. Know your budget and get the hose that will give you the necessary length and size which you can afford.