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Vital Information About Blue Crab

Blue crabs are often serve in various restaurants as a matter of fact it is one of the prevalent seafood that is well – liked by many people. If you are looking for cost – effective seafood then this one is perfect for you since it is affordable unlike other crustaceans like lobster. Blue crabs are found in several parts of the world, the taste of course will vary since every locale has their own unique way of preparing the dish. Despite its delicious taste people are often hesitant in purchasing and preparing it at their homes because of its frightening appearance. You must be aware that you can make different appetizing dish using this type of crabs. There are various way people can cook this type of crabs, it could be steamed, fried, boiled in soups and even turn them into sandwiches.

To ease your discomfort and frightfulness, it would be best to know several things about them. One of the noticeable features that they possess is their hard exoskeleton that protects their soft bodies and their five pairs of legs. Since they have soft extremities they need something that would protect it hence they have these shells with them. They also undergo a process called moulting in which their old shells start to peel to make way for new one. This process often sets the difference between hard shells and soft shells. For instance, those soft shell crabs they mostly have brittle shells when they undergo primary stage in the moulting process. The hard shells on the other hand arise when the new shells develop.

As much as possible you must only obtain fresh blue crabs. There are overwhelming effects if you will buy those dead ones, this include getting poisoned and other digestive related problems. As much as possible you should choose those crabs that are alive. If you want to make sure everything is good then make sure you will get those crabs that are quite aggressive and always moving. Another indicator of crabs that are in good condition is a complete set of legs that they have. This only signifies that they were not obtain in a forceful manner.

The manner of cooking them is also easy. Although they have a weird appearance there are several food that you can prepare using them. One of the prevalent way of cooking it is through steaming in which you can obtain their meat then add some butter and line juice to it. It is also possible for you to steam the whole crab. When the color of the crabs starts to turn orange, it would be best to take them out of the steamer. Steaming and adding of butter is good for those crabs that are already developed but not advisable to the little crabs. The ideal type of cooking for blue crabs are deep fry.